Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time to PARTY!!!!

Happy Frosting Face!

She dug into the icing without hesitation

Happy Birthday!

Hangin with my cuz

Ok, the girl LOVES jewelry-a girl after my own heart, even if it is bright plastic...

Her favorite characters are from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She calls Mickey-Mikka,
so we know she will be in heaven when we get to Disney next month!

Grandma B got this Penn State Cheerleading outfit for Chloe, since Daddy is a PSU alumni

Ok, what presents next?

We decided to get her a kitchen for her big she is admiring it

Playing with the new stroller and baby doll. I bought quite a few (sort of pricey) Asian baby dolls and she HARDLY EVER plays with them (although they are quite cute!) I bought another baby just like this one above for $2 at a yard sale, threw it in the washer, and that is her favorite toy! A $2 yard sale baby doll! I then saw they sell them at Walmart for $3.50, so if we ever lose this one, we can easliy find a cheap replacement ;)

Getting ready to blow out the candles

This was the other night at dinner. We ate out on the deck, and she really loves corn on the cob.

She gets her whole face into the act as you can see...

Eatin a pickle with silly hair

OOOHHHH, sour.....

This is the funky hairstyle she gets after having her hair in pigtails...we think it is

Lookin ornery at Vacation Bible School....

It's hard to believe that our middle son, G, turned 8 years old! And Chloe turns 2 tomorrow! It seems like she's been here with us all her life...we had a great day for a party....sun, food, and a pool! And I'm sure the kids would throw in presents as being a part of that great day.
The boys head back to school in 10 days, not that I'm counting, ( how many hours is that? ;) and I'm convinced Chloe will be lost without them..she follows them around like a little puppy. Momma's not going to be near as fun as her big brothers are. Every night before bed, she asks me where each of them are, before she goes to sleep, it's her nightly ritual...I tell her they are all sleeping, and she seems satisfied with that answer for now...she loves them to death, they are her buddies....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lollypop video

Ok, the girl loves to sing...but, I will warn you, she is, yet again,

singing without a shirt on :)

Old McDonald.....

So, any guesses as to what part of the song she likes to sing

the best?

LONG post with lots of pictures...

The kids got to make their own hershey kisses in the "factory". They got badges, ID's, hats and their very own box of the kisses they made.

A daddy and his princess

End of the day picture


G's tongue after eating his cotton candy

My sweet little girl~

I Love, Love, Love ketchup!

Yum-Hershey's syrup!

What a face

Riding on the train with my buddy

View of part of the waterpark from the ferris wheel

Me and my dad

FINALLY-we are ALL in a picture!

Ain't I cute?

Running from mama

Got water in my eyes-help!

I love to be in the water!

Trying to pose like my bro

She decided to plaster hair gel into her hair this morning...took two hair washings to get all of it out!

Can you spell fashion d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r? But still oh so cute! She gets an A for effort though, and for dressing herself!

Wow, it's been a while since my last post! We have been SSSOOO busy around here lately, I haven't found the time to post. We have had picnics, a campout, a mini vacation to Hersheypark, and tomorrow a trip to Idlewild, not to mention a family reunion on Sunday, and Vacation Bible School every night next week! Not to mention, getting ready for school to start soon, and preparing for our trip to DISNEY! Chloe is growing by leaps and bounds, not only physically, but mentally too. Her vocabulary list is growing daily. It just amazes us how quickly she picks up words. She is also into singing too. She loves "Old Mcdonald had a Farm", and you will be able to tell what is her favorite part of the song and the Dell computer commercial that sings "lollypop, lollypop...." I have a short video of her singing it, so I will post that also. She also LOVES to dress herself and do her own hair, as pointed out in the pictures. I sat back and looked at pictures from our Gotcha Day the other night, and I can't believe how much she has grown since she's been home. Her hair has grown so much too!

We took a mini vacay to Hersheypark, Pa, which is about 3 hours from where we live. This was the first time we had ever gone there, and it was alot of fun! We spent two days in the park. The waterpark was pretty cool and kept us cooled off since it was so hot there. Chloe did really well, and still took her naps in her stroller, and really enjoyed herself. It was a much need "break" from all of the things going on around here. We are so excited to get to Disney World-I am just as excited as the kids! I have been there a few times, but the kids have never been, so I look forward to seeing their faces when we land in Florida. It will also be the boys first time flying. Chloe already has them beat in that department! I will try to get these videos to load...if I can't post them now, I will try again later, because they are worth taking the time to post!