Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Preschool days are here!

It's so hard to believe my baby is old enough for preschool! Where has the time gone? She was super excited to go...it is a half day preschool, so it is a perfect 2 1/2 hours for her. We had a few tears after the "newness" of the whole preschool thing wore off...but it is getting much better...

Ok, how grown up does she look here?

Making our way into school

Hanging up her bookbag and coat

Putting her show and tell in her cubby

Showing off her bookbag.....

my preschooler.....

Friday, September 2, 2011


Hard to believe that Chloe turned 4 years old this month! Where has the time gone? She is in LOVE with Barbies~! As you can see, pink, pink, and more pink! She is a girl after my own heart..."G" man also had his birthday and turned the big 1-0! Double digits for our middle son...he is such a sweetheart and LOVES his little sister...we are so blessed! Here are a few shots from the party...

Pretty in pink

Yay-playing dress up is one of her favorite things

Looking at his new bat....not bad, he thinks..

New catcher's mitt...

A new bike with, yep, you guessed it...Barbie all over it :)

Our silly guy

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Great Outdoors...

Well, the family has recently invested in a camper and we are having a blast going on our camping trips...we are leaving again in 2 weeks to go again and can't wait...it is so nice to get away from all of the electronics here at home, no iPods, PS3. nintendo, etc. We love getting back to nature and to a place and time where the hardest thing to decide whether to have hamburgers or chicken on the fire pit...Ah, the simple life...

She LOVES LOVES LOVES Smores! Definetly has a sweet tooth!

She caught a footlong catfish on her 24 inch Barbie fishing pole!

Smiles all around....

Chloe just loved to go around searching for duck feathers

Playing a card game

The kids are really into fishing now...as you can see in the pics they are super excited when they catch a fish, regardless of size and kind. They take along their bikes and ride around the grounds. So fortunate that we live close to many different campgrounds, so we are never more than a stone's throw from home incase we forget something (which happened the very first time we went!)

More catching up....

Easter Sunday...although "A" man had red eyes from crying...
Bestest Buddies

So sweet!

Strike a pose!

The day she got her dance bag in the mail-so excited!

Pretty pretty ballerina!

I am going to make a concientious effort to post to the blog more...it has just been so busy since soccer started in April that I couldn't seem to keep up with it!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Chloe 2 Year Gotcha Day Pictures

Whew...FINALLY been able to fix being able to post on Blogger again...something was messed up and wouldn't let me post...have lots of pics to post from various things...Here are Chloe's 2 year Gotcha Day pictures....our 2 year anniversary was May 4...it's hard to believe that it's been 2 years already, although it honestly is like she has ALWAYS been a member of our family...she is such a sweetheart and is such a buddy to her big brothers...but she and G man are bestest buddies...it warms my heart to see how well they interact with one another. She is also SUCH a performer already...this girl will go out on our deck and put on a show like none other, singing and dancing...we started her in dance classes this year and she loves it. She is taking jazz, tap, and ballet. She is also such a comedian! She can make us laugh like none other :) She is turning 4 in August and will be starting Pre-K...my baby is no longer a baby :(

Monday, April 4, 2011

My how the time in my world flies...

Anyone out there who is still reading my blog? I honestly cannot find the time to sit down at a computer weekly to update! I guess life....it happens...anyways, here are some updated pics and some news about what's been happening in our lives.

My "baby boy" celebrating his 7th birthday party!


Just tubin' it...we took full advantage of the snow to get outside and
go snow tubing in the fields around our house

Little Miss loves to do her own make-up, can you tell?

Our princess in her dress up clothes-she wakes up every morning, takes
off her pj's and goes straight into dress up clothes and wears them ALL DAY
LONG! :)

We had a great Christmas and New Year. My "baby boy "A" man", turned 7 years old. He had a Steeler birthday party, which was great considering our Steelers were headin to the Superbowl. Our "oldest baby boy" turns 13 this month! I keep asking myself-am I really going to be a mother of a teenager? Yikes!
I took Chloe for her first pre-k visit. It went really well! She is doing AMAZING in the attachment department! She now goes to her Sunday School class on her own-she LOVES church! She always wakes me up Sundays, pulling on my arm, sayin "Momma, come on, get up-it's time for church!" She is a true stickler for us getting to church every Sunday :)

It's hard to believe our 2 year Gotcha Day anniversary is a month away! Where has the time gone? This little girl is not a toddler anymore, she is a living, breathing, most definetly girlie girl preschooler with a bit of diva inside her. If you'd see the way this girl can shake her head and hips while she walks, it is hilarious.
She is also, I will call it now, a true performer who is destined to be on Broadway someday. She is ALWAYS singing and dancing around. We signed her up for dance lessons, which start next week. She is OVER THE MOON about dance! We had a mother/daughter day where we went to purchase her ballet and tap shoes and her leotards. She loved it (and I did too!) She is also a GREAT SHOPPER! She loves shopping, which is great for me-we could spend all day in Gymboree :)
I can't also believe the girl is going to be 4....YEARS....OLD! We have definetly been living in fast forward these past 2 years....

We are heading south again for vacation-Chloe is IN LOVE with the Disney Princesses. She got to meet them when we went a year and a half ago, but she really didn't get the meet and greet "experience" if you will. Heading to the "mouse's house" for a few days and just chillin the rest of vacation.
We just recently brought home a beast of a camper-SO EXCITED to go camping! Getting ready to book campgrounds and start gathering camping supplies.

Back to her pre-k visit, I stayed with her the whole visit, as it is only a half day pre-k. She meshed with the other kids so well, spoke up at times when she didn't care for something, and only looked back once to see if I was still there. We have made great strides with her coming out of shell and becoming her own little person. She will start this in September. Can't wait for her to experience the whole 'school' shopping...she will be overjoyed that she gets to "school shop" like brothers do!

Well, I hope to post to this more often, as we begin a busy summer season, with dance, soccer, vacation, camping, etc. I promise to do my best for those of you who are still interested in what's happening in the Weaver's World :)