Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wow, it's been a while!

First day of high school-can you tell he's nervous? :)
"A" man after getting home form the hospital

Birthday boy-he sure does like his money!

Random Chloe pic-simple and sweet-notice the pigtails?

She LOVES to dance-this is her birthday dress I had made for her. She is in love with Dora!

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Vacation Bible School

I can't believe I haven't posted anything since August 20! I have been a slacker in the blog department lately...our family life has thrown us for a loop the past month, and can't seem to keep up. We had Chloe and "G" man's birthday parties. School began the end of August...all boys are doing well and seems to like school. Chloe is growing by the foot! I look at pics of her from last year at this time, and she still seems like a baby. We then had quite a scare with our "A"man...he was at his first ever sleepover on September 10. We got a call the next morning saying he was driving his friend's UTV, had no helmet on, and he drove it into the back of a forklift! The seatbelt was not on tight enough, so when he hit it, he hit his abdomen on the steering wheel. Fast forward to our local hospital-doing cat scans, bloodwork, and then the doc informs us he needs to be either life flighted or ambulanced to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. He had a lacerated liver. We spent 4 1/2 days in the Children's Hospital. He was on bed rest for 2 days, and also couldn't eat for 2 days. Man, that is so hard when you're child is begging you for something to eat or drink, and he can't have either! I can not speak highly enough of our Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. The care we received was amazing. While there, it was also a very emotional place to be....I witnessed MANY children, young and old, who were VERY sick...many spending so much time there, they know all of the staff and volunteers by their first name. It really makes you appreciate how lucky we truly are...While there, we visited the Hospital's Library, and in this library, they have a special section called the "Adopt Me" section. This is where patients, siblings, and even adults can take home, or "adopt" these books and magazines. While we were there, I had this feeling that God kept talking to me, telling me to give back to this wonderful facility. I got the idea to do a Used Book and Magazine Drive to benefit this "Adopt Me" section. They were getting low on books and magazines, so I though this was the perfect wayt to give back to them. Well, we have had local businesses,daycare, schools, banks, our local hospital, just to name a few collecting books for us. We are also having a specified Book Drive this Saturday at our local Hospital. "A" man was even featured in a an article for our local paper, promoting the drive. Can't wait to post on here the acutal number of books we collected! It's awesome!

"C" man is in school soccer this year, and it has been a good season for them so far, their record is 7-2. This is his first year in high school, and he seems to like it. "G" man is also doing well, he likes his teacher, and does well with school. Which brings us back to "A" man-our discharge instructions were-no bending, lifting, running, (ok, are you laughing yet? This is a 6 year old boy we are talking about here)no physical activity, no gym, no recess for a WHOLE MONTH! Oh my, what a long 2 1/2 weeks it's been already. I feel like all I get done doing is telling him to stop doing this, don't do that..he goes back to the hospital in october, when they will clear him to resume normal activity. Chloe is doing WONDERFUL! She is so grown up and is definetly her mother's child. That girl LOVES shopping, dressing up, and everything girlie.

Now can you see why I haven't blogged lately? :)