Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wow, it's been awhile...

Our little "princess"

Yum-brownies are good!

Helping G do homework

You are sssoooo funny brother!
I can't believe it's been 4 weeks from my last post! I guess that shows me how truly busy we;ve been since the kids started back to school. Things have been crazy, but it's a good crazy! Chloe just is growing by leaps and bounds-especially her vocabulary! Her newest thing to say to me is, "I know Mom!" when I tell her to be careful. And she just says it with "the Look" on her face. Oh my, and she's only 2! We are in for it!

We are leaving for Disney in less than 12 hours! Can't wait to escape to the warm weather in Florida for the next 8 days! It has been awful weather here in PA. Today, the high was 50! And rain, and windy, and well, I couldn't think of a better vacation than being in Florida swimming, and seeing Mickey! Chloe just loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so we KNOW she is going to love Disney. the other kids are excited too-this is their first plane ride-Dan and I are flying veterans by now. A 2 hour flight to Florida will seem like a cake walk after flying 15 hours to China!
I am going to try to post to the blog each night-and I do stress the word TRY, but, I will do my best! Please pray that all goes well with the kids and our flight south. Warm weather and sunshine here we come!


  1. Angie, Have a fantastic trip, enjoy the sunshine! Much love,

  2. Angie,

    Chloe is beautiful, like always, and "I know Mom" is classic! Today, it just started to get a little cooler here in Florida so your trip should be delightful...Enjoy yourselves!

  3. You're heading to our neck of the woods! You missed our cold front on Wednesday...hope you'll bring down a little cool weather with you! Enjoy your trip!!!


  4. Where in PA are you from? We live near Johnstown, PA. We have a son adopted from China in 2007.