Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Here are some pics of recent going on's around the household! I hope for next post I can show you all their Christmas pictures-they turned out wonderful!
Caught eating chocolate chips while baking cookies-that's flour on her face

Getting the tree ready

This was crawling on our carpet while we were decorating the tree....Hmmmm......

Big brother helping little sis put "bobs" on the tree. This is a family joke-"A" man calls the balls-"Christmas bobs" and it's just too cute to hear him say it that we don't correct him yet

Ta-da! It's a Steelers ornament

The finished product

Taking her first train ride at the mall with her brothers and LOVING it!

The view outside our living room windows-lotsa pretty white stuff

Mixing the flour

Caught with her hand in the chocolate chips bag-again!

And again!

Wow, is it cold here in PA! We've also gotten alot of snow the past couple of days. Of course, the boys were raring to go sledding. I had to buy Chloe snow bibs and boots, so we are waiting a couple of days until it warms out so she can go sled riding! She is SUPER into singing and dancing-her favorite tune these days is "Jingle Bells" I hope to capture her on video one of these days and post it. I'm talking about full-fledged Broadway singing and dancing-it's hilarious!
She's also taken a HUGE liking to Dora and Diego-she could care less about Ni Hao Kai Lan these days...she loved helping decorate the tree and putting up the decorations.

We have been super busy here-hence the lag in posting! We have been remodeling our dining room, been doing some Christmas shopping, had Christmas pictures taken, did some more Christmas shopping, put up the tree, baked cookies, ugh, I could go on and on!

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  1. very cute! I am anxious to see the Christmas photo's!
    Love that she was in the choc, chip bag.... Shelby would do the same.

    We'll have to check out diego and dora... Shelby still isn't watching much TV at all, she'd rather do her puzzles and play with her babies...

    So interesting to watch... But WOW does she like to sing as well!