Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is it Summer yet?

Here are a few pics of Chloe saying Happy Valentine's Day and of her cheerleading...for some reason, I can't get any videos to upload to blogger. She loves the show Max and Ruby, and she watched one the other day where Ruby was being a cheerleader for her friend Louise...next thing I know, Chloe is shaking her pom poms and jumping up and down yelling, "You can do it, nothin to it, go Weez (shorthand for Louise for her). It was so cute! I am going to keep trying to upload it-I can get it loaded, but there's no sound, so if anyone can help me out, let me know. I also can't get it uploaded to my Facebook page either... The boys had almost 2 weeks straight off of school because of the snow days...can you say BORED???


  1. Piper says she loves Chloe's bow!

  2. AAWWW...she is such a sweetie-these girls and their accessories-I LOVE IT! :)