Monday, March 22, 2010

Some new pics....

Can't believe how long it's been since I've updated-although it was brought
to my attention from Miss Lauren that she wanted to see "new" pictures
of Chloe, since she's already seen the others too many times :)

Not much going on with us lately, although busy with school and such,
we have been enjoying the warm Spring air-I love not having to send
winter coats, gloves, hats, snow pants, boots....
Waiting to hear about when soccer starts...THEN we become busy,
with 3 kids playing and 2 of them on traveling teams....

Enjoy the pics and Happy Spring!!!

"A" man took this one-

Her name written in snow...

Lookin cool in her brother's shades....

Happy St. Patricks Day!! I love my cookie from Eat-n-Park-can't you tell?

Building her "no-man"


" Even if I am sled-riding- i must still ACCESSORIZE!!!"

Hang on tight!

Chloe and Momma
Making snow angels....

Hangin with my bro's....

Even though my camera lens got fogged up, I still thought this was a neat

Pretty in pink....


  1. Angie- Chloe is just beautiful...I'll never forget when we first saw her in China---she had such a sweet face. And she just keeps getting cuter. I love that fogged photo too---looks like you edited it that way on purpose. I think that one needs to get framed.

    So-when are you going back for #5 (#2 dd)?

  2. thanks for the pic updates, your daughter is a cutie! I have been following your blog since you got her...what a hand full of kiddos you have, i have 3 and i don't know how people do more!


  3. Love the pics:) I see a model in the making.