Monday, May 3, 2010

The writings of an 8 year old boy....

The other day in school, the 3rd graders in G's room had to write an essay about something in their life and here is what he chose to write about:

"How Chloe changed my life" by G

"My Mom and Dad were coming to the airport and I saw Chloe for the first time! Sometimes she is a pain but I still really love her. Sometimes she wants me to sleep with her. That's how much she loves me. Chloe really made my life better becasue I always wanted a little sister to look after. She is the best little sister in the world. I love her and she loves me more. She even said that. When I saw Chloe for the first time, I thought she was beautiful right away. But then, she got used to our family, especially me. When she first got used to our family, she was a little scared. But the next day she really enjoyed playing with us. She really changed my life big time. She is a one-of-a-kind sister. There's no sister like mine. She's the best sister in the world. We all really love her. She is awesome. I love her with all my heart."


  1. Oh... that is just too dear!

  2. Oh my goodness! I cannot even read that with dry eyes. What a precious thing for a big brother to say, and even more precious for him to write it out!

  3. That is so sweet! I really hope and think that my 6-year old thinks the same about ther baby brother.

    Mia from Sweden

  4. I just LOVE that boy!! He is such a sweetheart! That is the sweetest thing ever! He really is so good with little ones! Kali just loves her G'man!

  5. Oh my, What a SWEET boy you have! I have tears of Joy. Thanks for sharing...Aren't boys great? We have 2 and they are so sweet! What a good MaMa you are !