Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busy Weekend...

The boys Sand Art Muscle Man

G man helps baby sister to make a sandcastle

Just thought this was a cute picture from behind

This is hard work!

Mess? What mess?

Pudding Lover

Posing with Pappy's toy

Happy Girl!

Cheering for Brother

Hangin with Pappy at the Soccer Field

Pretty girl

We had a busy weekend yet again around here...my Uncle Jeff came up to PA to visit from North Carolina. We enjoy spending time with him and hearing about things going on with his family. We had a picnic Saturday night with everyone. We all had a great time. We are hoping to see my cousin Jeffrey and his wife Brittany and their ADORABLE little boy soon,so if you guys are reading this, hope you are planning a trip to visit sometime soon! They also all got Chloe a ton of clothes-thanks again!
Yesterday we visited a local State Park and took the kids to play in the sand and swim, although it was warm outside, the water was FREEZING! The boys and I took a paddle boat out, and we had it out for an hour, and boy were my legs a burnin'! Nonetheless, we enjoyed getting out of the house and spending time together.
We got Chloe's Certificate of Citizenship yesterday! This is what you receive from Immigration certifying Chloe is an official US citizen, so we can now apply for her Birth Certificate and get her a Social Security number-big hooray for pur family yesterday!


  1. Cute pictures, Angie! This is so funny - I have the exact same swimsuit for Amelia! Loved the ladybug on it 8-)

  2. still really good to see how she's doing adjusting. Looks as if it's almost not an issue. Very Cool.

  3. I just stumbled on your blog and wanted to let you know how absolutely beautiful your family is! Congratulations on your baby girl.