Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swimsuits, Soccer, and Swings...

Am I CUTE or what????

Look how much I've grown!

Liked this pic of Cman...he looks SO GROWN UP!

My soccer man!

He shoots...and he did SCORE! 4x himself!

This boy is GREAT at defense especially-he will slide tackle ANYTHING!

At the soccer field, AGAIN!

Her first BIKINI! She keep flashing everybody on purpose-UH-OH!

My wonderful kiddos

C man must've been camera shy!

Didn't I just see this thing on "Wipeout?"

Lovin' the tunnel

Not too high big brother!

How does this thing work?
So, to get out of the house a little bit, I took the kids to a community playground, to get them away from each other too. Summer can make for a long season when you have 4 kids around each other too much! They had a really great time, and the weather was perfect. We got a pizza from a pizzeria and brought it home for lunch. We then got in our pool, and Chloe got in it for the first time with me today. We turned the heater on a few says ago, and it's finally warm enough (for me anyways!) I told Dan when he got home to just pack her baby pool away, because now that she's lovin the big pool, she doesn't want anything to do with her little pool! She is getting very brave, trying to jump in. She watches her brothers do this, and she has no fear!
We then went to the soccer field for the last time tonight (THANK GOODNESS! Sshhh...don't tell anyone I said that!) We have been at the soccer field more than home in the evenings and I am just ready for a break! "A man" had his last game tonight, and he scored 4 goals himself-no kidding, this kid is a soccer player at heart!

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