Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Idlewild and Girly Girl pictures

We went to Idlewild last weekend and enjoyed taking Chloe for the first time. She rode everything she could in the kiddie area, and wasn't too thrilled that she couldn't ride things her brothers could in the bigger area. She especially loved the water area. This girl is not afraid of anything! She is way too brave for her own good!

Do you notice anything different about her? I will let you take a look at the pictures and tell you the answer at the bottom...

Family picture at Story Book Forest

Getting her lollypop on the Good Ship Lollypop

Making our way to the next ride

Potato Patch Fries with Cheese-YUM!

She LOVED the ball pit!

Waiting in line for the ferris wheel

Taking time out to pose with g man

Her other favorite ride was the carousel..she rode it 4 times

My sweet watermelon girl

Yes, Gymboree had a field day with me since they came out with their new
Watermelon line! Wait til you see her Watermelon bathing suit below!

Happy girl!
So, we were cleaning her room, and she wanted to try some clothes on-so I thought
to myself, HMMM...this could turn into some great opportunities for pictures, and for those of you who know I scrapbook, my camera is never far from reach, and
this is what I captured...

Loved this bathing suit for Memorial Day and fourth of July! (Yes, Gymboree)
So patriotic! Not sure what's up with all of the pictures of her sticking her tongue out

" Water"melon Baby!


So, I'm not sure if you could tell in the pictures or not, but we got Miss C's ears pierced last week. She fussed when it was done of course, but was done crying by the time we got back into the car 5 minutes later...
She will point to my earrings and say Mama, and then point to her earrings and say, like Mama? And I will say yes...she is starting to put two and three words together at a time. She is really amazing us at how quickly she is picking up the words. The only thing I am sad about is that she is really losing her Chinese and the accents. We loved to hear her speak in her language, but she is quickly losing it. She has also been starting to do something else-SHRIEKING! Oh my-I have never experienced this with having three boys, but let me tell ya, this girl has a set of lungs on her and she'd not afraid to use them! But we love her dearly inspite of this ;)


  1. Love the earrings! We got our bio dd's done at 6 mos & will get Piper's done soon after we get home. Kristi875 on RQ

  2. Chloe is SO CUTE!!!! I just love all the watermelon clothes & swimsuit! Guess it's time for a trip to Gymboree!

  3. I guessed it! Wahoo... the 3rd picture I guessed!
    Very cute... I cannot believe how cute she is... you are really enjoying the girly things huh!

    That watermelon suit is awesome... I had a strawberry one for Shelby, but it will be way to small.. now I know what to get.

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