Monday, July 13, 2009

2 Months Home....

My little "fish"

Playing with brother

You are so much fun brother!

You would never know it from this picture, but this was 2 hours before she ran a 102
degree temp

Happy 4th!

Waiting for the fireworks to begin with my cousins...

Yummy s'mores!

Hangin with our family in the backyard-Can you believe we had to wear jeans and sweatshirts on the 4th of July this year-it was COLD!

Chloe definetly has a sweet tooth-eating her first marshmallow

How ornery is this boy?

Swimmin with my dada

Finishing her first Dairy Queen dilly bar-loved it!

Wow, it's been awhile since my last post. Let's see, we had picnics, parties, doctor visits, 4 sick kids (yes, all at one time), and a yard sale, all in the last 2 weeks, so yes, I've been busy! It's also been two months home already-this summer is flying! Lets, see, where to begin? We had a July 4th picnic here at the house with family, and had more family over in the evening for a campfire, and fireworks. We have a great time spending time together! We then had a picnic Sunday at a campground, and that's when the sickness began for Chloe-she was fine in the morning, but by afternoon, was crying in pain, and running a fever. SSSOOO, off to the doctor in the morning-diagnosis-hand, foot, and mouth virus-she had a TON of blisters in her little mouth, and she was in so much pain-poor thing!She couldn't eat ANYTHING! The bad thing with this virus, there are no anitbiotics that will help, just tylenol or motrin. Yesterday, which marked a week of being sick, she FINALLY was feeling better and eating solid foods...the boys all got sick with the same virus last week, and now G has strep throat! UUGGHH! But, I think they are all finally on the mend. School starts in 6 weeks already-hard to believe!

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