Monday, January 4, 2010


Do you love my new sunglasses mom?

This baby supposedly pees and poops-oh boy-what was Santa thinking?

Alright-a new pair of kix!

I LOVE these for Chloe-they are Melissa and Doug brand, and they are magnetic
dress up dolls-Chloe LOVES them and they are easy to dress and very suited for her age

Oh, what a great picture-I bought the boys each a ski mask to wear while they are snow tubing-what a bunch of characters!

"A" man loves him some construction vehicles

"C" man's most wanted toy-a remote controlled airplane

Waiting by the tree for Santa, wearing her new jammies on Christmas Eve

"G" man and his umpteenth Transformer

Grandma W and G

Waiting to open presents at Grandma and Grandpa's house Christmas Eve

Enjoying their candy canes

I can't believe Christmas has come and gone already and we are in 2010. Our first Christmas with Chloe home was wonderful-I remember last year hanging an ornament on the tree fo rher, since we still had a few months until we got her. It was almost surreal to see that ornament again this Christmas and have her helping put it up on the tree this year. She LOVES opening presents-everytime she'd get done with one-she'd ask-and hold a finger up and say-one more time? It was too cute!

We have also been enjoying all of the snow we've gotten here in PA-we had a major snowstorm here last weekend and now a major cold blast- so cold in fact that they canceled school today, which was supposed to be their first day back from vacation, and I just came to find out that they already have a 2 hour delay for tomorrow.... We were able to take the kids out the other day when it wasn't so cold-Chloe loves to play out in the snow, although it takes her a while to walk around-she looks like the Michelin baby with all of those clothes on.

We received Christmas cards from the families we traveled to China with-I am going to put them in Chloe's scrapbook when I take them down off of the fridge. We will forever be bonded with these families! Well, a belated Happy New Year to everyone

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