Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finally, I get our Shanxi girl's pictures up...

Hello everyone! I finally was able to upload our daughter's pictures to the blog. I will show you the first picture we ever saw of her, and then some more recent pictures.

The picture of her in the pink shirt is the first picture we ever saw of her. We fell in love with her immediately and knew she was meant to be in our family.

The picture of her eating a cookie is one we got from a family from Spain, who traveled to get their son in October of this year at the same orphanage. Through the amazing internet, we connected, and she thought she might have a picture of her. As it turns out, her son and our daughter were best friends in the same orphanage! The fact that she emailed me and had a picture of her and took the time to contact me, all while living in Spain, truly amazes me! She and her family are amazing and shared their experience with us.

The last picture of her standing was sent to us by Ann from redthreadchina. She was able to get us this picture in December.

We are so anxious to get her and bring her home with us. The wait is really hard! With China virtually shut down this whole week because of Chinese New Year, we know we won't be hearing anything. We are planning on celebrating CNY with some good Chinese food!

Enjoy the pictures! Until next time.....



  1. AHHH! She's so Beautiful!!! I am so glad that you finally posted a photo. Let's just get on a plane right now!!!

  2. Isn't she gorgeous? Wow, she will fit right in =0)

  3. What a cutie! We have a LID of 7/23/2007 in the nsn program but also recently joined the sn program. I'd love to hear more about your daughter and how you found her. Please email me if you can - mkraudy(at)verizon(dot)com