Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Guess what was in our house today?

Yep-to some it might be just a bug-but to those of us in the Adoption World, we know that Ladybug Sightings are a good sign. They are considered a sign of good luck in China. Imagine my surprise when I opened the blinds today and saw this one on top of the door. I am hoping this means we will be getting our Letter of Acceptance soon. We are also hoping to receive an updated picture and/or measurements from Ann at redthreadchina soon. Shanxi girl should be getting the care package we sent to her sometime through the night tonight, since it is daytime there. It will make the wait a TAD bit easier to see a new picture of her.

The boys are doing their Valentines for their parties this week. "A"man is supposed to wear pink tomorrow and red Thursday, but when I mentioned about him wearing pink, he gave me an "are you crazy" look... "G" man reported today that since it was raining, they had recess in the gym and said with a huge sigh,"The girls chased me all recess AGAIN, mom. They must really want to catch me." "C" man made out his Valentines, but I wasn't sure if he wanted to in the first place, since he's a 5th grader now, and maybe that's just not cool to exchange Valentines anymore.

If I were to guess right now when we would travel, it would be in April, which would be fine and dandy, but, they have a Spring Trade Fair most of April in Guangzhou and the price of airline tickets and hotel rooms triple. You also run into the problem of finding open hotel rooms at last minute too.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that we can travel next month if at all possible.

Hopefully next time I post, it will be with new photos or info of Shanxi girl!

Until next time...

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  1. I love the pictures of the ladybug--too cute! I'm praying that you get LOA soon and that you get to travel next month. Maybe the "system" will speed up. It should as they iron out the I-800 wrinkles. Don't you think? I'm hopeful for you. I can't wait to see more pictures of your sweet girl.
    Beth :-)