Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And still we wait...

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I wish I had more to post about. We are Day 60 waiting for our LOA. We are hopefully in the home stretch.

I am trying to make the days go faster. I did spend the day painting "C" man's room. He wanted John Deere, so we ordered the bedding and border. The carpet was already green, so we painted the walls yellow. I must say, it turned out pretty nice. I love to paint...I am one of those people who, when they want something done, it has to be right now, and with painting, it is an instant transformation, and you see the progress immediately. Tomorrow, I am going to paint the letters I bought for Shanxi girl's room.

"G" man was out sick from school yesterday, but luckily it was just a virus, and off to school he went today.

I'm doing pretty good with my packing list...Dan laughs at me sitting on the computer with a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in front of me. But you just wait, he'll thank me for the day we need our list to get everything packed and ready!

Please keep us in your thoughts and pray for patience for us.

Not much more to post about tonight, I am off to go hunting...

Here ladybugs....heeeeerrre ladybugs...

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