Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am so in love...

Didn't I tell you all? Ladybug sightings are good luck!! Here are two new pics I just got from Ann at Redthreadchina. The funny thing is,after opening them, I think she might be in foster care! I have never seen these people before, let alone a man, and she is not in the orphanage, it looks like she is out celebrating Chinese New Year! It warms my heart to see she is growing and is just so beautiful. Yea, I know that I said last post that if I got a picture it might appease me, but, it's making me even more anxious to get there and bring her home. She is wearing the jacket and hat we sent her. Looks like we did good size wise.Now I know for sure she got the scrapbook I made for her. I wasn't even sure if the package would make it the whole way from the US to China, but this is proof positive!

Come on LOA's! I want my little girl! We are at Day 47 1/2.

And so we wait....


  1. Look at those rosey cheeks! She is so adorable and looks so content! Thanks for sharing...cannot wait until we can go get our girls!


  2. She is absolutely precious. What a blessing to have these photos of her looking so happy and healthy.
    Lets go get our girls!!!

  3. She is precious...look at those cheeks. I know you have to be thrilled to get the photos. Enjoy!


  4. I am simply in awe that you have managed to get this many pictures of her....
    That is amazing! You must do a post and tell everyone (or just me) how you pulled that off!
    We are thinking that we may find our match in the next 2-3 months, so that will be very handy!