Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mini Vay-Cay, Travel Plans, and Packing...

What a few busy days it has been! We decided to surprise the boys by taking them on a mini vacation before we leave for China. We took them to an indoor waterpark in Erie called Splash Lagoon. I will post a few pics. I took my smaller camera into the waterpark, and left my good one in the room, and I am glad I did, because there were kids with squirt guns EVERYWHERE! So, like it or not, if you were there, you were wet. We all had a good time, and my thoughtful and loving husband took me to the Grove City outlets on the way home.

I got some really cute things at Gap Kids,and Childrens Place, and even found myself some things at Gap. All in all, it was a fun time!

On Saturday, since the weather was yucky, C-man decided to ride along with me to Toys R Us and exchange the duplicates I got from my shower, and get the things I registered for, but didn't get. I got some cute toys too!

We made a stop at TJ Maxx and picked up a rolling duffle for the trip. We then made "THE TRIP" to Walmart, armed with my 4 page packing list, and 2 hours later, yes I said 2 hours, we got alot accomplished. I included a picture of just a partial amount of the things we needed to get. The cashier started to give me the hairy eyeball when I started unloading all of these drugs, and I made sure quickly to explain what they were for...not sure if she believed me or not ;)

We got word that our agency believes we should get our TA (travel approval) this week sometime, and I have been playing around with dates for prices in airfare, and hotels, etc. We won't be able to make any definite plans until we get CA (consulate appointment), so, I hope we hear something very soon. I just need a definite date of when we are leaving, this whole up in the air thing is getting very old! I am going to start my packing tomorrow, so tell me how I'm going to fit all of that stuff in, our clothes, her clothes, orphanage donations,etc in a suitcase and not be over the 44 pound weight limit???? I did buy some of those space saver bags, so, we'll see how they work.

Happy Easter!


  1. Hi Angie--

    Oh my goodness, you have been busy. What a great get-a-way for all of you. Looked like a lot of fun! You are ready to go to China! I can feel your excitement--the travel plans, the packing and the anticipation. I'm praying for you.


  2. Wow! I bet that cashier did kinda wonder... I'll have to get a copy of that list from you for when we go.
    We are so happy to see that you guys are staying so positive during this agonizing portion of the wait. Don't worry, you are almost there, and who cares if you gotta pay extra for a heavy bag, she's worth it! "Keep your eyes on the prize", that's what my husband keeps telling me!