Monday, April 6, 2009

Shower Pictures Part 2

Here are some more pictures of things I got at my shower! Everyone was so generous and I had the most wonderful time opening up all of the PINK things! Read on below for my previous post about my shower...

These are 2 dresses from my Aunt Billie Jo- they are just adorable!

This is a beautiful dress from friends from my mom and dad's church- great Spring colors!

Look at the Ladybug dress! This was from my mom... And the little sister t-shirt was from my friend Terran

Look at all of the cute accessories she got! Purses, and hats, and sunglasses, oh my!
Some cute jewelry too!

Before I start getting emails about where to get this ADORABLE suit and hat-Gymboree!

This quilt is so beautiful! It was made by someone my mom work's with. It has Chinese letters in gold and is made with chinese patterns-breathtaking!

This is the outfit Aunt Kristi got her for Fall-isn't it cute?

We got some cute dolls and books-perfect to take to China!

Need I say more????

The boys wanted to see all of the gifts, so our living room looked like

a hurricane went through it-but look at all the PINK!

Enjoying the PINK!!


  1. That is just awesome.... 70 people Oh my!

    Lot's of cute things, but none cuter than Chloe!

    I hope that you blog your trip, We are a few months behind you, so we will be watching anxiously!

    Congratulations on the terrific shower!

  2. I just love all of your comments about the pink! I can totally relate, with two little boys myself. Personally, I am SO EXCITED for a little pink in my own world as well!!
    Be blessed,