Saturday, October 10, 2009

Animal Kingdom

An awesome sight-hundreds of animals are carved into this tree

Beginning our Safari

For those of you who know my boys, you will know why they made me take a picture of this!

Soclose to the giraffes
Chloe and the boys getting "Goopy's" signature, as this is how Chloe says his name

Giving Minnie a kiss on the nose

Rainforest Cafe for lunch-the animals are all animatronic and are very lifelike

Finding Nemo the musical

The show was great, and very beautiful and colorful
You can spot the boys in orange on Expedition Everest, and Danny behind them with a VIDEO CAMERA!

Garrett looks a little worse for the wear after the ride

FACE PAINTING! G getting his tiger face on

Chloe and A's turn!
Pretty princess

She loved getting her face done and sat so still-didn't move an inch

a superhero, a warrior, a tiger, and a princess
upclose view of the tree
amazing detail
Chillin out back at the villa

So, the rest of my posts are from home now. SOMEONE (whoever could it be?) took WAY TOO MANY pictures(1350 and counting...ooops!) and they wouldn't all transfer to the laptop, so I had to wait until we got home to post more of our trip.

Day 2 was Animal Kingdom, and it was a really nice park for kids. A safari adventure, rides, awesome shows, and meeting more characters made for a nice day. We started off on Kilimanjaro Safaris, and this was my favorite of the day. They made it like you were on a real safari, riding over bumps and such, and we saw alot of animals. We had a giraffe come within 2 feet of our open air jeep-so cool. Chloe especially liked this, as she is such an animal lover. We then went to Camp Minnie Mickey, where you got to get autographs of characters and photos. Chloe is in love with Mickey and Goofy. She kisses them on their noses whenever she sees them. She is not one bit afraid of them. We also watched the Lion King show (which they claim is the best show in all of Disney) and also caught Finding Nemo (I enjoyed this just as much as Lion King) Next it was off to Expedition Everest, where only Dan, C, and G rode. A wasn't tall enough yet, or maybe I just wouldn't let him-pretty scary! We had lunch at Rainforest cafe-cool place to eat if you ever get the chance. All in all, a cool park that offers something different than the other Disney parks.
Tomorrow-Blizzard Beach!

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  1. We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge when we were there in December. I love this place! Looks like everyone had a great time there!