Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Typhoon Lagoon

Here's how our day started-smilin with her friends

A daddy and his princess

Ok, she rode this kids tube ride all by herself, and it wasn't the slowest of things, but
she kept getting off and holding up a finger and saying-one more time! about 50 more
Splash down!

Look ma! I did it! This girl is not afraid of ANYTHING!

Wow! How ornery does he look right here?

It doesn't get any better than this!!!

Love this picture I got of her-happy and serious all at once!

Sitting pretty on a rock...

G man takes time out to pose

One of the beautiful sand bottomed pools at the Beach Club
We had a fun day at Typhoon Lagoon. Then again, anytime there is water involved with our family, we always have fun. The afternoon became a little overcast, but never rained... After we got back to our villa, we had supper, and then went swimming at one of the pools at the resort-did I mention to you that we like to swim?


  1. Isn't Disneyworld the best!?! I think Typhoon Lagoon was our favorite! I love your pictures! Hope you all had a blast and made some beautiful memories!

  2. Oh, what fun! Your boys are so handsome and Chloe is sooooo cute!