Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hmmmm...what should we do first?

The park was decorated for fall

Meeting Cinderella...my princess pictures didn't turn out the greatest, but I got a ton from the photpass picture taker!

Princess Aurora

They survived Splash Mountain!

Taking time out to pose in front of the castle-the sky almost looks fake, doesn't it? That's how beautiful it was there!

Kissin Mickey..we ate at Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary Resort. We just hopped onto the monorail and had a GOOD dinner that wasn't just chicken nuggets and fries!

We love Minnie Mouse too!

C's first kiss-and it's from a mouse!

G man gettin a little Goofy!

The beautiful castle at night

We had an exciting day at the Magin Kingdom, and pretty much every ride was walk on or at the most a 10 minute wait. I never dreamed we would get through it in one day, especially since I allotted another full day here, but, everyone enjoyed themselves!
Tomorrow. Typhoon Lagoon! (Did I tell you we are suposed to be on vacation?)

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