Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blizzard Beach

Her new favorite thing-Nemo

"C" man lookin goofy!

Thought this one was hilarious

This is made entirely out of Legos-C was in awe of this store

World of Disney Store

Just chillin'!

Ok, another sign the boys just cracked up over. I'm sure you will understand why! Oh
well, boys will be boys

That was fun brothers!

They had tube rides for the little ones too
The kids favorite ride here-a zipline

Good jump!
Jumping around on icebreakers

Getting tickled from mama
Taking in the warm weather and sunshine
Cool airplane writings-look how blue the sky is...aaahhh....

"A" man doing his karate kid crane in the wave pool

The "mousekeeper" left us 2 cool towel animals
And they left Chloe a surprise on the bed with her baby
We visited one of two water parks Disney has called Blizzard Beach. The kids LOVE the water, so they thoroughly enjoyed the park. Not to mention, the weather while we were there was between 90-95 every day. I didn't mind it a bit-I love the warmth and sunshine! We then went to Downtown Disney in the evening. This is Disney shopping at its best. The World of Disney Store is AMAZING! It is huge! You could seriously get lost in there! As much as I like to shop, it was a bit overwhelming for even me...
So, do they really mean it when they say-Disney VACATION? We were on the go everyday, and had only a little bit of downtime. We did get to see and ride everything at the parks, and the crowds were very minimal. Great time of year to go!
Next stop-Magic Kingdom!

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