Monday, March 23, 2009

LOA Pt. 2 (See previous Post for the Big Announcement!)

Ok, now that I am able to type without having to backspace a sentence at a time,(see my previous post) We are so happy to have gotten word that in China's eyes, we are fit to be her parents! We will receive the LOA tomorrow, or Wednesday, depending on how quickly they get them sent out to the parents who were waiting. The coordinator said they had a pretty big batch come in, so, it depends on how quickly they can get them sent out.
We will then sign the LOA and fedex it right back to our agency in California, and they will in turn send it back to China, and then comes the wait for Travel Approval, or TA. I asked the coordinator what the turnaround was for that, and she said it was averaging 3 weeks-Holy Cow!
Also, here's another picture of Shanxi girl, that I somehow missed in posting last time. I love that she is in a big comfy bed, with a big stuffed puppy! This was after her bath...we love her so much!
I told Dan we needed to send her another care package, and include a letter to the Foster Family. They have been so good to her, so how do you exactly thank people who have been caring for your child while you are a world apart? I'm not sure if we will be able to meet them, but, I will try to express my thanks in a letter...
We need to be prepared for alot of crying and grieving, as this is the only family she's known for the last couple of months, and by the looks of her sweet face, she is very attached to them.
Looking forward to the FedEx man tomorrow like never before-do ya think he'll think I'm crazy to ask to take a picture of him with our LOA? Too bad-I'm a scrapbooker, and I HAVE to have a picture of this memorable day!
Thanks to everyone who have been following along on our journey! Also, if you could, I'd like people to leave comments so that I can print them out and put them in Shanxi Girl's scrapbook!

One VERY HAPPY MOMMA signing out!


  1. Congratulations! She's adorable and cannot wait to follow your journey. I've been checking everyday hoping to read good news. We're LID 12/31 but recieved LOA early. HOpe you have a quick TA.

  2. Oh my, I just love your blog. It's making it all seem so real for me. We are so happy to see such wonderful pictures.
    And you are right... What do you say to the foster family for doing such a wonderful job of loving her and caring for her as they do....