Monday, March 16, 2009


I am so happy and excited! I thought that we might get updated pics from Ladybugs in Love, but I just checked my email and found 7 pictures of Shanxi girl from Ann @ redthreadchina-totally out of the blue. I haven't talked to Ann for a while, and hadn't asked her for any updated pictures or anything, so I believe the foster family just sent them to her to send to us! What a gift! We thank God that she is with a wonderful foster family!Their place looks so clean and well cared for. They are taking excellent care of her, and we are so greatful to them. I noticed that they are letting her hair grow out -yay! The tub pictures are ones she might hate me for posting when she gets older, but they are so cute, I couldn't resist! She looks like she has is very long in the torso. I see that she likes monkeys-note to self, stock up on monkeys for China trip...
Being that tomorrow is my birthday, this was the perfect present!



  1. OK...those are the all-time best update pictures ever. It looks like she is just having so much fun with Grandparents, doesn't she? What a happy baby!

    And you are right, and so lucky, she is loved and cared for very well. Get ready for the tears, but be so thankful for what she is learning while she is loved by them. You will have her in your arms soon!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. OMG, I'm so excited for you guys!! What a wonderful gift. All I can say is wow!! She
    is so beautiful!!! I hope you get to travel soon!



  3. AAAHHHH!!!!! She is so adorable!!! I'm following your journey on pins and needles and praying that you get your LOA very soon so you can be one step closer to bringing your precious daughter home.
    Happy Birthday!
    Susan Harpring

  4. I'm so happy to see your little one is happy and healthy. I can't imagine how difficult the wait must be, but treats like these photos and answers to your questions are sure to help the time pass more easily.

    My fingers are crossed that you can bring her home soon! :)

  5. What adorable photos!!! Aren't they like a breath of fresh air to keep you going? We just returned from Taiyuan, Shanxi on Friday with our little girl. I pray you travel soon!


  6. Hi Angie, your daughter is beautiful! I followed your link on the Shanxi yahoo group. Our youngest has been home with us for 18 months now.
    The wait for LOA can be painful. I hope it comes quickly to an end for you.

  7. I just came across your I know you??? I think I do. (from bloggy world)

    OK, maybe I am just crazy!!

    My little girl is from Shanxi province...what city is she from??? or SWI???

  8. How beautiful! I saw your post on RQ. I'm so happy for you. Soon....


  9. What a wonderful birthday suprise!