Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We got it, we signed it, we sent it...

After a little scare this morning, we finally had our LOA in our hands at noon. Our Fedex driver 99% of the time is here by 9:30 am, but when 11:30 came and went, I started to panic. I waited 4 months for this piece of paper (and ain't it purdy?)
and I started thinking it might be lost. But, Dan, who was the only one in his right mind this morning, contacted FedEx to see if he could track it down, even though we didn't have a tracking number, and guess what-he did! With a little sweet-talking and alot of flirting (or so he says), did I mention he's a salesman?, he was told it would be here around noon. Crisis averted. I was literally shaking when I signed it.
Dan took it and went to FedEx it right back to our agency. It will be in China on Monday. We then wait for Travel Approval. For the first time in 4 months, I can actually BREATHE. Everything that we need to do is done, and boy, is it ever nice to not have this feeling like you are waiting or anxious to hear something.
I need to really start gathering my stuff together for packing. What glorious 2 days it has been!


  1. WOOHOO! I still remember that day for us, start your packing and enjoy EVERY moment!

  2. Hooray Hooray!!
    What a great day!!
    Your little girl
    Will soon be on her way!!!