Sunday, March 15, 2009


Yippee- I got up this morning to find a message in my inbox from Ladybugs n Love!

Here is what I asked and the answers they gave:

1.Is she drinking from a bottle or a cup?
Bottle (For some reason, and I think it's an American thing, I was totally convinced she was only drinking from a sippy cup, but boy am I glad I found this out before we travel. Now the hunt for a bottle that will suit her begins!)

2.How many words does she say?
She can say, Baba(which means daddy) Mama, and some simple words now.

3.What makes her happy?
She likes to go out (Now, I think this means she likes to go outside, but it MIGHT mean that she likes to go out and SHOP!)
4.Is she a light or heavy sleeper? Does she still nap?
She is a light sleeper. She still naps from 2:00 to 4:00

5.Is she easygoing or stubborn?
She is more stubborn. (OH BOY!!)

6.Is she potty trained?
Yes (Yay!)

7.What are her favorite foods?
Her favorite is formula. (we'll have to pick some up in China)

8. Is she attached to her caretaker?

9. What else should we know about her?
She is in foster care now. (which we already knew)

10. Updated measurements:
Height: 30.7 inches
Weight 26 1/2 lbs!! ( I am not sure if they weighed her with all of her layers on)
Teeth: 7
Foot: 4.3 inches (This seems so small!!)

So, I was so happy to get these, so now I can tell people when they ask what size to buy for her.
I am hoping they can get me pictures. She was going to try again. I want to see my baby! This will tide me over for a little while ;)

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