Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jin Ci Temple

Today we were scheduled to go to a place called Jin Ci Temple. It was a huge park with over 200 temples. It really was a beautiful place and we were glad to be outside. There isn't much to do in this city. Chloe despises being in the confines of these 4 walls. We went to Walmart and KFC after the park. The KFC was almost like home, but everything was a lot spicier! We are going to the Shanxi Museum and Park tomorrow, and we may be getting Chloe's paperwork tomorrow that we will need to give to the Consulate in Guangzhou. We also were able to get developed the cameras we sent in care packages, and these pictures are worth more than a million dollars to us...we are so grateful to have them...and will share them with her one day. I leave you with somevideo and pictures of our day....



  1. Angie - she's so beautiful and I can't believe you have her either!!! 8-) I'm so glad she's adjusting well and you guys are having a relaxing time. Keep the pictures and video coming!

  2. I can see why you are in love with her... I can't believe that this is almost real-time... You're doing a wonderful job of sharing this with all of us.
    We are so happy for you as well.