Tuesday, May 5, 2009

She's officially ours!!! and other pics...

Learning how to blow bubbles...she's a quick one!
Not a flattering picture of me, but she really wanted to feed me. It was fried spaghetti-and boy, it was the best thing I've eaten on the whole trip so far!
Taking a walk to get some fresh air before her nap...

MaMa showing her how to blow bubbles....

Look out Bill Gates!

The Notary Official at the Shanxi Center of Adoption Affairs

1 poop on the potty + 1 full belly= 1 happy baby!

At the paperwork ceremony this morning, the orphanage directors

The Orphanage Director was a wonderful and caring woman!

This girl LOVES bows in her hair, as you can see!

Am I cool or what?

Our guide in Beijing, Mi Nan

What a big day for us all! Chloe is officially ours! We went to do all paperwork that was needed to be done this morning, and in China's eyes, she's a Weaver now! She got a little freaked out when we went to the same room where we met yesterday, but, did ok overall. We were having issues last night and this morning with her not pooping (sorry, TMI!) But, afterwe got back from our paperwork meeting, she finally went-boy did we celebrate, and girlfriend was a completely different baby! Smiles all around! She inhaled almost all of my fried spaghetti! We are meeting with the other coupke who is adopting later on, we might go to the pool. Not sure if she'll like it, considering yesterday's bath episode. But, we'll give it a shot. One things she really HATES is elevators! Scared to death of them! Tomorrow we tour a park and a museum. Then on Thursday we will pick up her passport at the police station. We also took 2 cameras to a film developer today to get them done before we leave for Guangzhou. They were 2 cameras we sent to the SWI and foster family. We are so excited tdo see what they look like. She is down for her nap now, and she goes right to sleep in seconds! Easy baby! Danny is trying to figure out the video thing. He can't edit and shorten the video because he doesn;t have the software to do it on his work laptop, but he's workin on it! Well, I should go try to nap too. I have been up since 3 am!


  1. It is wonderful to see your experiences! I absolutely think that the fried spaghetti photo is awesome.... to see that she wanted to feed you is so sweet. It all seems to be happening so fast for you. Be sure to take a few minutes to enjoy all of this!

  2. What precious memories. She seems alot happier today. If she is learning that quick,just wait till she gets around her brothers. It will be like the four musketeers. I can't wait till you's get home and settled to see her.Congratulations Miss Chloe Weaver. Kind of has a nice ring to it. Waiting in anticipation for the next update.Take Care guys,Shell

  3. Congratulations! Yippee for you! Chloe is so cute..I love all the bows. Lucey Lu loves all of her bows too. Be safe...enjoy!