Monday, May 18, 2009


Yep, you read that right, 15+ hours

The beginning of our flight

Watching the planes

I like ice cream!
Our guide in Guangzhou, Simon
After the oath ceremony!

Don't you just love my bow? Thanks Aunt Jen!

Marc, Amy, Finn, and us-What a great family!

Bay Area Adoption Services Families

Ya gotta love this picture!

Why, oh why do they do this to us?? they wonder
infamous red couch photo

Lobby of the White Swan hotel


Well, now I know why people who get back from their trip to China don't post right away! We have been super busy with getting settled back into the groove of being home, doing laundry, coordinating schedules with the kids soccer games, doing laundry, school work, doing laundry...
The boys are absolutely in love with Chloe, arguing over who gets to sit beside her in the car, who unbuckles her from her car seat, who feeds her, you get the picture! And, SHE just loves them to pieces too. They are the ones who really get the belly laughs going. Today was our first day home alone together, without the entertainment of the boys, and I have a new nickname for her, my little shadow. She follows me everywhere, and even if she's two feet away from me, she yells, MA. then I'll say what? and she tells me this drawn out story everytime-it really is cute! Here are some pics from the red couch photos at the White Swan, ans a few other miscellaneous since we've been home. Sorry for the short post, I am hoping to be able to stay up past 8:30 pm soon, and post more!


  1. Love all the pics esp. the one of her on the red couch...that face!! That outfit is adorable too! We need to get together so we can meet Chloe! Give us a call when things settle down a bit!
    Bubba, Amanda & Camden

  2. Awwww....she is so beautiful! And the red couch photo..priceless! So glad to be able to follow your journey!

  3. :) thanks for the update! Chloe is beyond precious!