Friday, May 1, 2009

We're in Newark!

Our plane landed just a few minutes ago, and now our flight is pushed back an hour because the plane is having mechanical problems-just exactly what a person wants to hear when they will be on it for 14 hours! Of course, since we are flying to Beijing, there are many beautiful Chinese families here-and we are sitting across from a little girl who is a tad bit older than Chloe. She is talking about her books, and counting...Her mom probably thinks we're weird since all we do is stare at her!

We saw the size of our plane to Beijing-it is HUGE! Of course, comparing it to the one we just got off of, anything would be a step up. I had a great view of the PROPELLER out my window-yea, it was small, but a very quick flight, only about 50 minutes. That was just the teaser to the 13 or so hours to Beijing.

So far, haven't seen any masks in either airports-just incase anyone was wondering...But, it is funny that everytime someone makes a cough, everybody turns and looks at them...

Well, I'm not sure if I will be posting anymore until we take off or land. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and good thoughts...

Mom, give the boys a big hug and kisses for us...we miss them so much already!

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  1. Just thought that I'd pop over and check your status... So glad that I did and to hear that it's going well so far is encouraging.... You'll have had a long trip over, rest up you're going to need it...
    Happy Trails to you!