Monday, May 25, 2009

Soccer, Memorial Day and misc. pics

Aunt Kristi is so much fun!
Too cute!

Chloe, Kristi, and our niece cool off in the pool

Feeding Great Pappy Mac n Cheese

Look at this HUMONGOUS frog that was in our back yard by the pool! Biggest frog we had ever seen!

She loves to ride on her Barbie Tricycle

Ready for a day on the town

Check out the adorable shirt from our good buddy Terran! She sent it to us when we got home with Chloe! It is so cute!

"A" man getting ready for his game-he scored 3 goals this game!

"G man" keeping up the pace

We have been so busy since we got back from China. I think we haveonly ever spent 1 day fully at home. Between shuttling kids to school and soccer, field trips, and picnics, we are spent! Here are a few pictures of "A" man and "G" man's soccer games, and picnic pics!

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