Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mother's Day to remember....

Lollipop...Lollipop..Oh, lolly lollypop...

Happy Girl!

This picture makes her look SSOO big!

This girl loves her noodles, and look..she's feeding herself with chopsticks!

Ballroom dancing in the park

Chinese version of Hackeysack

Trading Mom stories

Sleepy Girl

Italian restaurant La Dolce Vita-Awesome Pizza!

Yet again another wonderful day her on Shamien Island. We visited a park, and the Six Banyan Temple. We then went to a shopping district and had a traditional Chinese lunch. We then came back and did some shopping-I got pretty good at with the shop owners! Tomorrow, we have to stay in our room and wait for the "all clear" from our guide from 10-11 am. We are going to the zoo, and then tomorrow evening, on the Pearl River dinner cruise. I hear it is very nice...I leave you with some pictures of our day....Happy Mother's Day!


  1. I could just eat her, she's so beautiful!
    Thanks for posting your adventure to her, it has made my wait for Shelby so much easier!
    I look forward to spending the day with her next year. We may make it to her for Father's Day though.... My fingers are crossed.
    Thanks again so so so much Angie!

  2. Ang,
    What a little princess,she loves the camera!!Too cute,hope your Mother's Day is a good one!!I love reading all the updates,the kids ask me constantly anything new,they really enjoy it also.Take care,

  3. Happy Mother's Day Angie--

    Enjoy the activites that you have planned! I love the pictures that you posted. So sweet!

  4. OMG...she is too cute! I showed off the blog to our families yesterday. Everyone enjoyed seeing Chloe! Josi had to make sure they watched every video! Everywhere we go people are asking about you guys & talking about your experience. You are in the thoughts & prayers of so many! Enjoy the rest of your trip! Tam