Monday, May 11, 2009

Shopping, Zoo, and Pearl River Cruise

Beautiful View from the River Cruise

Proud Pappas and their girls

Pear River Cruise

Eating Noodles...again

For those of you RQ fans, we met JelloAnyone and her twin boys!

Happy Girl at the Zoo

This pic is for the boys...

Picking out pearls

Breakfast club

Jade Market

Children lining up in the courtyard before school

We had a busy, busy day today! We started off with trying to fit in some more shopping on the island this morning after breakfast, and then we were off with our "buds" Amy and Marc to the Electronic Store and the Pearl Market. We also ventured off the beaten path and went onto some of the street markets. Things are soooo much cheaper here than on the island! After our shopping spree, we made our way back to the hotel to freshen up for our trip to the zoo. We were amazed at how much Chloe loves animals! Her little mouth started running from the minute she saw the first animal to the time we left the zoo....It was too cute to hear her talking! We then hopped our bus and made our way to the Pearl River Cruise. We had dinner onboard, and then were able to go on top of the boat and enjoy the sights of Guangzhou...It was absolutely beautiful at night! I can't believe we are leaving tomorrow...Dan is starting to pack up as I type this...We have our red couch photo tomorrow morning at 9 at the White Swan. We then have to leave the hotel at 2:30 for our Oath Ceremony at the Consulate. After that, our guide Simon will take us to the train station, where we will take the train to Hong Kong and stay the night. Our plane leaves at 10:25 am Wednesday morning, and we arrive in Pittsburgh at 5:58 pm that same day. We invite anyone who would like to be there at the airport to come-we would love for you all to meet Chloe! I will try to post tomorrow if I am able to.


  1. What beautiful pictures! We are sooo happy for you guys! And how cool to run into and meet other RQ go'ers! I look forward to that!
    Congratulations on your final trip home. It's 10:00 am here now, so I'm sure you are getting some much needed rest for the flight home. Godspeed and smiles all the way home!

  2. Oh do we have some scrapbooking to do! You will have a whole album for this trip! I love the pics! I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back! Have a safe trip home! Can't wait to see you all! Tam

  3. I'm Jello's Mom. Along with all the other G'Moms, have been glued to my computer this week, I am enjoying your blog so much...
    Of course I was thrilled with the recent post and the picture of my grandsons.

    What a wonderful Mothers day for all of us! Thank you for all the wonderful posts.

    You made my Morning...

  4. Hi Angie and Dan!
    I found your blog, and I´m enjoying it so much!
    You have got a very cute girl, and your boys are so lovely! Congratulaions!
    We went to Xi´an/Shaanxi province for 2 months ago and get a little brother, hes name is Theo he is 1,8 year, we also have a big sister from Chenzhou/Hunan province, her name is Elsa and she is 4 on saturday.
    It´s great to read other blogs about adoption, thank you for sharing it with us!
    Hugs and greetings and wishes you a safe trip home!! / Eva and famliy in Sweden/Stockholm.

  5. Angie - can't believe you're coming home already! The time flew by for me! Ha ha ha! I will be praying Chloe tolerates the long airplane ride home. Can't wait to chat with you this side of the Pacific!

  6. Ok, JelloAnyone?? Is that the family's blogsite name?? I'd love to look at it.

    From Cherie at

    By the way...I met you at Delgrosso's amusement park about 2 weeks ago. I have a little girl we just brought back from China too. I just happened across your blog. Funny huh? I put my blog address above.